This feature introduces a new way for players to compete with other players through a limited time event that requires players to beat up to 5 levels without losing a life. My role in here is designing the entire user experience and visual design.
After a discussion with project manager and game designer team, I started to create the wireframe to present the user flow and screen detail. For helping this product evaluation we focus these features:
•  Level win and lose: Integration of new and current UI
•  Event leaderboards: Bucket, friends and global
•  Rewards: Crown rewards and leaderboard rewards
Visual Design
I was working with the art director and lead artists to visualize the UI mockup. Since the team picked "Jack and the Beanstalk" to be the theme, I put the sky blue and vines green into the design to tell the story. The royal blue and golden banner are also part of UI elements to match "Kingship".
UI Kit​​​​​​​