Welcome to the DIY!
It's a feature to provide users fun, educational and special experience to work on customized furniture. My role in here is designing the entire concept art and optimized the user experience from the gameplay.
Research & Analysis
To aid in the design process and direction, I used spreadsheets to build up furniture categories after research. I also reviewed current room designs in 3D space to find out the Standard Furniture Dimensions. This analysis list gives clear direction to the team before we move to the next step.
Concept Exploration
To make an effective concept, I put these notes in higher priority:
•  Keep realistic and logical- but don’t get too technical or bogged down in details
•  Make each step visually obvious/interesting
•  Keep some of the main pieces and just change colors or repair them​​​​​​​
•  Discussed the steps with 3D artists and engineers to be sure the decision tree is not too complex, or for any other unknown technical considerations
Color Scheme & Style Guide
When I designed the fabric or color choices, I chose neutral style to match current game when users place their DIY furnitures it still looks fit in the room visually.
Play Testing
After we finishing 3D modeling and implemented in the game, I make sure it is not confusing and to keep the process elegant. I was also responsible for checking all details (ex. lighting, shadow, shape) and for giving feedback to 3D artists.
UI Implementation
Additionally, I worked on UI thumbnail assets in Unity by using the camera to produce the best angle. I made sure these assets get released in a nice spot so users will not see a sofa out of the CTA button, etc.