Brief Intro
BeautyUp is an app about YOUR makeup & cosmetics:
•  Help users find the right makeup product for them
•  Provide makeup bag options for multiple purposes
•  Show users the immediate market price and best recommendation
We interviewed with marketing specialists and makeup artists to understand the industry. After collecting the information we started recording any possible ideas for the product.   
User Journey
After user research, I created the product sitemap to help our team clarify the structure:
                    •  Signup flow; users can signup via social network
                    •  Data recording flow: Provide scan function to help users know the item details immediately
                    •  Product details: Add directory of the category and multi-usage product case design
I started making the digital layout for each screen and developed the flow that provides meaningful and relevant experiences to users. 
Prototyping and Testing
Once we have the clear flow of the product, I use the wireframe screens to make a prototype which helps the testing of the entire experience. 
Visual Design
I chose cyan-blue and bright yellow for the primary color of the buttons and background. Using a lot white solid/clean style to support makeup information content.
UI Kit